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Ruben’s coaching business was doing well, but he felt like he was disorganized and inefficient.

Ruben PerczekHe needed to be able to keep his client notes all in one place, find those notes quickly from anywhere he was working, and manage the day-to-day complexity of his long-term coaching relationships.

He had experimented with several different technical tools to try to deal with the problem, but nothing really worked – and his business was so busy that he didn’t have time to slow down long enough to figure out a better system.

The constant irritation of dealing with his inefficiency made Ruben feel like he was trying to run a marathon with a little pebble in his shoe.

He was running okay, but the pebble was bugging the heck out of him, and it was keeping him from doing his best.

Then Ruben discovered an efficient, effective system for centralizing and digitizing his life using Evernote, and things started to shift for him.

Now when Ruben takes notes during client meetings, he puts those notes into Evernote.

He’s got separate notebooks for each of his clients, and saves everything for those clients directly into Evernote.

He even manages all his accounting, vendor information, and partner collaboration details in Evernote.

It’s easy to share information, do professional-looking presentations, and create workshops using his seamless, fast, efficient Evernote system.

Evernote is now the heart of Ruben’s system for running his business – and that annoying little pebble of irritation is gone.

Ruben is happier, too – and when he’s happy he makes more money with his business.

Struggling with Evernote?
You’re Not Alone.


Do any of these describe you right now?


You downloaded Evernote a while back, but you couldn’t really get into it, and you’re not sure what all the fuss is about. In the meantime, though, you’re having trouble finding an organizational tool that works for you.


You use Evernote frequently for work or organizing your personal life, but you’ve got the sneaking suspicion that you’re underutilizing it. You’re not sure where to get started or how to find the time to use it more efficiently.


You often think, “My Evernote account is a MESS,” but you don’t have the time to organize it (and have no idea what changes you should make to fix it, even if you DID have time).


You get excited when you see Evernote tutorials online (yay! You can learn something new that will help!) but then immediately get frustrated because the tutorials are teaching techniques you can’t use on your platform. For example, you’ve got a Windows machine, and they’re teaching stuff you can only do on a Mac.


You’re buried in paper documents right now – with more stuff coming in all the time – and your desk is covered with sticky notes and business cards.


You’re dealing with an avalanche of inboxes every day, and you’ve got messages, notifications, pings, and dings coming at you from a million different directions.


Bottom Line:

You’re tired of feeling stressed out and anxious because you can’t find what you need, and you’re not as productive as you’d like to be (and as productive as you know you could be).

There Is Another Way.
Imagine what it would feel like if you could:

Get rid of the stacks of paper that are dominating your desk right now.

You could make those piles vanish, and go completely file free.

Find the information you need,

no matter where you are​ (at your office, at home, or standing in line at the bank).

Cope with all the inputs you’re getting from the digital world

from social media, from email, from the world of physical paper – with grace and ease.

Work from anywhere in the world

​(or even become location-independent, if that’s your dream) because you always have the information you need, right at your fingertips.

Finally be free of the stress

and anxiety​ you’re dealing with every day.


These things are possible – even if you’re struggling with Evernote right now, and even if you’re not sure how to make Evernote really “work” for you.

There are people all over the world who have found freedom and clarity by pivoting their productivity with Evernote….and you can, too.

Why You Can Trust Me to Help You Organize Your Life with Evernote

Hi, I’m Stacey Harmon. I’m not overstating things when I say that Evernote has completely changed my life.

Back in 2012, I was seeking a solution to the sense of overwhelm I was experiencing as a self-employed entrepreneur.

There was so much information to keep track of in my business that I had trouble figuring out what to focus on. Every day, I had to check ten different inboxes (all day long) just to stay on top of everything that was coming in.

I felt like I was drowning, and I knew there had to be a better way.

Around that time, I started combining a couple of key Evernote skills and practices with David Allen’s “Getting Things Done​®​” philosophy.

I had an epiphany, and realized that I could move EVERYTHING I was currently struggling with into Evernote – the avalanche of inboxes, the task management, and the information storage – and manage all of it in one tool.

As I designed my own productivity system in Evernote, I realized I don’t have to hold all the information that comes into my life in my brain. I could move all of that information into a system ​outside​ my head, so I could easily retrieve it at any time.

That meant I could free up my mental capacity for things that are actually helpful in my life, like solving problems, coming up with new ideas, and getting my work done at a rapid pace.

I went from a businessperson who was decentralized, anxious, and losing money as I lost productivity, to where I am now – feeling confident and thriving because my work is organized and retrievable in Evernote at any time.

Making this shift has completely transformed my life.

Now Evernote is the foundation for my Getting Things Done​®​ practice and the #1 tool that enables me to work from anywhere in the world. My entrepreneurial overwhelm and anxiety disappeared, and I started getting more done than I ever thought possible.

Once I Had My Evernote Epiphany,
I Felt Compelled to Show Others
How They Can Get the Same Results.

My Evernote “a-ha!” experience was so beneficial to me that I wanted other people to have that same freedom and clarity in their lives.

I realized that a lot of people were using Evernote, but most of them were underutilizing it, and they were still struggling with the same problems I experienced before I implemented my system.

After all – it doesn’t have to be so hard! You don’t need to be buried in paper and sticky notes, you don’t need to feel swamped and overwhelmed all the time, and you don’t need to constantly worry about what you’re forgetting or whether you’ve dropped the ball on something important.

Freedom is possible, and I felt like I had figured out the secret to getting it. I realized I wanted to share that secret with other people.

That’s when I became an Evernote evangelist.

These days, I’m an Evernote Certified Consultant. I’m an in-demand Evernote trainer, and I teach thousands of people every year, including many Evernote coaches and consultants. Yep, that’s right – I train Evernote professionals on the best, most current Evernote practices and skills, so they can share them with their clients.

In 2014, I co-authored a book called “Untethered with Evernote: Tips and Workflows for Independent Entrepreneurs” and I’ve been a featured presenter several times at Evernote’s annual conference.

My mission is to help the world get digitally organized, and transform their lives with Evernote – which is why I’ve created my comprehensive course, Radical Productivity with Evernote.

Stacey's teaching perspective is based on her experience working with companies that include:

Coca-Cola and Berkshire Hathaway
John Wayne
La Quinta and I3I
Tim Carr Group



“Stacey Harmon is the best Evernote Consultant in the United States.”

- Rene Joubert,
Houston, Texas


“I wanted to let you know how much of a positive impact your work has had on my business and my life in general. I was an Evernote user before, but your work has taken me to another whole level. I can’t thank you enough.”

- Brian Clark,
Brisbane, Australia


“I’m a sales person, and I spent MONTHS feeling frustrated because I couldn’t find a digitizing and organizing tool that worked the way I wanted it to. I jumped from tool to tool, looking for a solution, but I’d always be disappointed. I was anxious and frustrated all the time, and my work suffered.

Then I found Stacey, and she changed my life. Now my business is completely paperless, and I’ve got efficient systems for my job that run seamlessly and efficiently. I’m far more productive, and I’m totally focused on what I need to be doing next.

I also sleep like a baby – no more sleepless, anxious nights worrying about what I was forgetting and how I was going to get everything done!”

- Mike Bramson,
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan


The 3 Biggest Myths
About How Evernote Works and What You Can Do with It

MYTH #1:

“One software tool can’t possibly handle it all. I’m going to need other tools for digitizing and centralizing my life.”


Evernote is flexible enough to do ​anything​ you need. Really! It can do so much more than you think.

Although I do use other tools for doing my day-to-day work, Evernote is still the foundation of everything I do in my work and personal lives. Apps and tools like Google Docs integrate beautifully with Evernote, so it’s easy to create a system where you manage everything in Evernote.

MYTH #2:

“Evernote is too hard to learn.​”


Evernote is a “blank slate” when you first open your account, and that can sometimes be confusing or overwhelming for new users. But that flexibility is actually a good thing: It means you can set up your Evernote account according to what you need for your specific situation.

Once you learn some simple (but essential) Evernote skills, you can set up your own structure and establish your own workflows within Evernote – and that’s exactly what I teach people. After you’ve learned those foundational skills, the sky’s the limit for what you can do with Evernote.

MYTH #3:

“There’s only one “right way” to do Evernote. I need someone to tell me exactly how to organize my notes, notebooks, stacks, and tags.”


You actually don’t need a guide or handbook to tell you exactly how to structure or organize your notes, notebooks, and stacks – because what works for your Evernote teacher won’t necessarily work for you.

Instead, you can embrace the flexibility of Evernote, and have confidence in it. You’re not going to break the system – I promise! You can set up your Evernote structure according to what you need today….and then change things around in a year, if you need (or want) to.

Evernote will always be able to grow and change with you as your situation changes. You can always build the exact structures you need.



The “right” way for you to use Evernote is YOUR way.


Radical Productivity with Evernote

the World’s Most Comprehensive
Evernote Training Program.

In Radical Productivity with Evernote, I teach you the Evernote skills that are the cornerstone of my organization and productivity systems.

In this course, I condense my years of learning into one training course that teaches you – once and for all – the foundation you need to get organized with Evernote.

Radical Productivity with Evernote

Get a sneak peek inside the course:

Here’s How It Works:

As soon as you join the course, you’ll get a series of video lessons, PDF downloads, resource links, and recommendations. You can dig into the course right away, and start learning the essential skills you’ll need to become an Evernote power-user.


This program will give you practical advice you can implement immediately, and the information is broken down into small, manageable chunks. ​The entire program is self-paced, ​so you won’t fall behind, and you won’t get overwhelmed.

Most importantly:​ I show you how to get Evernote to work for you, in all the different combinations of platforms (Windows/Mac, iOS/Android). You’ll get lessons that specifically detail how to implement the training on your computers and mobile devices. Radical Productivity with Evernote is the only course on the market that offers this multi-platform teaching approach.


If you have questions during the course, ​get answers in our private Radical Productivity with Evernote community​. In this group, you’ll be able to connect with a vibrant community of other Evernote users who are on their way to organizing their lives with Evernote...just like you.​ ​You can ask questions, get ideas, and celebrate your successes. I also moderate this group, so you’ll see me answering questions regularly, too.

With your initial membership fee, you’ll get access to the course for one full year. After that, your membership automatically renews for just $99 a year (you can cancel at any time). I’ll be updating the course so it always stays current, and your yearly membership ​will include hot-off-the- presses information about changes and new features.


What My Clients Are Saying About My Evernote Method


“Radical Productivity with Evernote is the best investment you can make in your personal and professional development this year. I thought I had a firm grasp on Evernote. Then I met
Stacey. This course unlocked the potential of this powerful,
flexible productivity tool. Evernote is no longer a black hole of "stuff" I might be able to find if I'm lucky. It is an organized, fun-to-use tool that allows me to access the right information when I need it.”

- Zackary Sexton,
Austin, Texas


"Stacey's teaching style in the Radical Productivity with Evernote course is accessible and friendly, even for Evernote newbies like me. After digging into the course, I got inspired to get rid of all the clutter in my office. ​I spent a couple of hours scanning ALL of my paper documents into Evernote, including a massive "To Be Filed" pile that has been sitting next to my desk for ​years​. Now it feels amazing to see a clean and clutter-free office every morning. Two MASSIVE thumbs up for Stacey, and for Radical Productivity with Evernote."

- Beth Hayden,
Boulder, Colorado


“Stacey, what an awesome job you have done with this course! I'm an Evernote Certified Consultant, and I've found that your training helps me smooth out all those little 'rough spots' that always show up when I’m sitting with a client. Your course gives great workarounds for those situations, and when I use what I've learned from you during my client meetings, it helps me look even more knowledgable. I am really learning tons, and I am so grateful I joined this course.”

- Katie Manning Santos,
Evernote Certified Consultant,
Walnut Creek, California


Here’s Exactly What You’ll Learn:

I walk you through the whole system, step-by-step, in seven core training modules:

MODULE 1 Evernote Committed

Evernote Committed

Learn the background of Evernote, and the key details you need to know about this software. You’ll find out:

  • Why it’s safe to use Evernote as the center of your digital ecosystem.
  • How Evernote protects your data.
  • Which Evernote pricing tier is right for you.
  • How to get support from Evernote should you need it.
MODULE 2 Be smart about sync

Be smart about sync

Make sure your data can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. You’ll learn:

  • How Evernote sync works, and why it’s so critical.
  • How to keep all of your data current across all your devices..
  • What to do if sync doesn’t work properly, and how to minimize sync errors.
  • How to access your Evernote data, even when you are not online.
MODULE 3 Optimize your workspace

Optimize your workspace

You’ll learn how to configure your settings to minimize friction and support peak productivity. You will:

  • Set up your Evernote settings and preferences for your Windows or Mac computer, and install and customize the Evernote Web Clipper browser extension for your browser.
  • Learn how to configure the settings, permissions, and widgets on your mobile Android device, iPhone, or iPad.
  • Configure your settings for the world’s best mobile scanning app – Evernote’s Scannable for iOS.
MODULE 4 The rules and tools of organizing evernote

The rules and tools of organizing evernote

Become fluent in the core organizational units of Evernote: Notes, notebooks, and stacks. Learn how to:

  • Create, organize, and name notes on both the Mac and the Windows desktop apps, and learn best practices for note creation.
  • Use Evernote note links – my favorite Evernote feature – to keep your notes organized and easy to find.
  • Create, name, and organize your Evernote notebooks on both Mac and Windows computers.
  • Get my best naming convention tips, to keep your Evernote organized and easily searchable.
  • Organize your notebooks into stacks, to make it easier to find things in Evernote.
MODULE 5 Desktop productivity skills

Desktop productivity skills

Learn the skills and features that will power your efficiency in the Evernote desktop app.

  • Quickly and confidently manage your information by learning to effortlessly move around the Evernote desktop interface and be oriented no matter how you organize your account.
  • Become an Evernote search professional by using basic and advanced search techniques. ​These are must-watch lessons!
  • Save time by applying features like shortcuts and saved searches to your workflow needs.
  • Understand how to create, manage, organize, and search for tags in your account.
MODULE 6 Create notes like a pro

Create notes like a pro

This module is about all the ways you can capture data in Evernote. You’ll discover the many paths you can use to efficiently centralize information, no matter what the inbox source is (including the how-to details that aren’t covered anywhere else!). In this module, you’ll learn:

  • The key skills you’ll need to capture information from wherever you are (both at your computer and on-the-go).
  • The obvious – and not so obvious – ways you can create notes from within the Evernote app.
  • The many ways to capture information from outside of Evernote, without even needing to open Evernote. Most miss the robust productivity boost these skills unlock.
  • The incredible power of Evernote's Web Clipper, including the visible and hidden ways you can use it to capture data from the Web.
  • The best ways to centralize emails in Evernote, as well as the details on how to scan and photograph paper into Evernote.
  • The most efficient ways to create notes in ​your​ specific platform(s) – including special features specific to Windows, Mac, and iOS.
MODULE 7 Evernote Sharing Savvy

Evernote Sharing Savvy

Become skilled in sharing your data (with Evernote users, and non-users). You’ll learn:

  • T​he 5 different methods for sharing Evernote data with others.
  • The key pitfalls to avoid when starting a work chat conversation in order to have a seamless collaboration experience.
  • How to use Evernote’s presentation mode feature to convert your Evernote notes into beautiful, full-screen layouts you can use to communicate with others in meetings.

When You Enroll Today, You’ll Also Get These Special Bonuses...

When you enroll in Radical Productivity with Evernote today, you’ll get these exclusive bonuses, to help you implement the strategies and skills in the course:


Bonus #1

Starting Fresh with Evernote Training

Is your Evernote a “hot mess”? Don’t fall into the trap of creating a new Evernote account or deleting your existing notes. In this webinar, I show you how to reset your account to a fresh new baseline where you can both retain all the knowledge that you may have already captured in Evernote and have a clean, fresh Evernote workspace from which to skyrocket your productivity.

Bonus #2

Evernote To-Do Lists 101

I use Evernote for absolutely ​everything​ – including my long-term, short-term, and daily to-do lists. Want to know how to set up your to-do lists for maximum productivity? This free guide will give you my quick-and-dirty method for setting up your task lists using Evernote.


Bonus #3

My Evernote Template for Client Calls

I love Evernote templates! Why reinvent the wheel every day, for repeatable tasks you do all the time? You can use (and reuse) templates over and over again in Evernote, which makes you far more efficient. Get my Evernote template for taking notes during client calls, which includes contact details, the date, a customizable note title, and space for you to add the questions you need to ask every client.


Bonus #4

Evernote Template Library

No need to dig through multiple blog posts and save templates to your account one at a time. You get access to all the templates that Evernote has released in a single centralized place. It is much more efficient! And, it is updated as Evernote expands their official template collection.

What Students Are Saying


“I’ve been a user for years, but I didn’t have the confidence to do what I wanted to do with Evernote. Now I feel as if I’m finally able to get my Evernote organized. I’ve learned something important from every lesson.”

- Carolyn Lowe,
Laguna Beach, California


“I run multiple real estate investment businesses, and before I joined Radical Productivity with Evernote, I was primarily using Evernote as a note-taking tool. I was keeping my records, research, and documents in a bunch of different places, including Word, Excel, and Dropbox. I had files in way too many different places, and I wanted to be able to move more quickly and access documents from anywhere.

Now, because of all the skills I learned in Stacey’s program, I was able to transition EVERYTHING over to Evernote, including all of my complex real estate research. I can even pull together fast, easy presentations to investors using Evernote’s presentation capabilities. I’m a big fan of Stacey’s course.”

- Bob Day,
San Diego, California


“I watched a few of your training videos (specifically about the Windows platform) the day after purchasing the program in preparation for an Evernote training meeting with the CEO of my first Evernote Certified Consultant business lead.

The meeting went great, and he is going to use me to deploy and train the rest of his company so they can eventually go paperless. Thank you for helping me feel more confident during that meeting, and creating your wonderful course. It is truly invaluable!”

- Dawn George,
Evernote Certified Consultant,
East Fallowfield, Pennsylvania


“I understand how to use Evernote so much better now, thanks to Stacey’s course. For example, I work on motorcycles, and I can save entire motorcycle manuals to Evernote! When I’m in the middle of working on the bike and I don’t have the specs I need, I can just pull up my phone and get the answers I’m looking for. It’s great to be able to find stuff!”

- Rick Brown,
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida


Join Radical Productivity
with Evernote Today, and You’ll Get:


The full Radical Productivity with Evernote Training Program​ (that’s 8 years of my experience, packed into 11 hours of training).


PDF downloads of all the presentations ​for each of the lessons.


All of my resource links and recommendations,​ so you can dig deeper into the Evernote world.


The Radical Productivity discussion forum​. I moderate this forum, and I’m also an active contributor.


Free, unlimited updates to the course, ​with your annual membership.


Bonus #1:​ Evernote To-Do Lists 101


Bonus #2:​ My Evernote Template for Client Calls


Bonus #3: ​Evernote Template Library

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Are you on the fence about joining us for Radical Productivity with Evernote?

I want to give you every chance to try the program with confidence, so I’m offering a hassle-free guarantee.

If you decide Radical Productivity with Evernote isn’t a good fit for you within the first 30 days after your purchase, I’ll refund 100% of your money.

All you need to do is email me and let me know what you were originally looking for with the course (and why you’d like a refund), and we’ll give you a full refund.

Learn How to Do ANYTHING You Want with Evernote.

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Frequently Asked Questions


“Is this course for beginners, or seasoned users?”

Both. If you’re a new or newer Evernote user, you can follow the course sequentially. Or you can jump right to the lessons and topics that interest you, if you’re more experienced with Evernote.

Radical Productivity with Evernote includes a comprehensive index that lets you navigate right to the skills you are looking to learn quickly. Either way, you’ll graduate from this course as an Evernote super-user.


“I'm on a Mac (or, I'm on a PC)...
is this course for me?”

Yes. I show you how to get Evernote to work for you, in all the different combinations of platforms (Windows/Mac, iOS/Android). There are functional and interface differences in Evernote, between the different platforms, so you’ll get lessons that specifically detail how to implement the training on your computers and mobile devices.

Radical Productivity with Evernote is the only Evernote course on the market that uses this multi-platform approach.


“How long will this course take to complete? I'm afraid I’m going to fall behind.”

Radical Productivity with Evernote is completely self-paced, so you can go through the lessons whenever you’re ready, and at the pace that works for you.

You get one full year of access to all the videos, the private members forum, and the other resources – so there’s no need to rush, and you will never fall behind. After that, your membership will renew for just $99 a year.


“I’m already swamped with everything I’m doing to build my business. How in the world am I going to be able to fit this in?”

Here’s the thing I really want you to get: ​This course will actually help you create time to pursue what is important to you.

The whole purpose of this course is to make you more productive and efficient. Right now, if you’re dealing with stacks of paper and sticky notes all over your desk, you’re spending a lot of time searching for things, and you’re losing time because you can’t find what you need, when you need it.

Digitizing and organizing your life in Evernote can end the perpetual scramble.

When I need a piece of information, I can find it in under 60 seconds flat, no matter where I am in the world – because I’ve digitized all of my information in Evernote, and I have a system of notes, notebooks, and tags that lets me find things simply and easily.

I know taking the course seems like it might be a time commitment, but I want you to look at it this way:

In the 11+ hours of video in this course, I’m going to teach you all the Evernote systems, tools, tricks, that I’ve learned in my 8 years as a heavy Evernote user. There’s no need for you to struggle through learning Evernote on your own – you’ve have everything you need in this course.

So if you’re feeling buried, like I did when I first started my business – this course is the answer.​ ​It can actually end your feelings of overwhelm and frustration, and let you start making progress on the things that matter most to you.


“What Evernote service tier is your course geared to?”

All training videos assume that you are an Evernote Premium subscriber and the interfaces presented reflect this level of service. It is not essential that you are an Evernote Premium member to get value out of the course, but it is highly recommended that you subscribe (at least on a monthly basis) to Evernote Premium as you go through the course.

It is the best way to become radically productive with Evernote. Also, the first lesson of the course walks you through the factors to consider when choosing an Evernote membership level (basic, plus, or premium) so you can start the course with an Evernote basic (free) membership and upgrade after watching that lesson if you choose to do so.


“I am an Evernote Business subscriber. Is this course for me?”

Absolutely. Evernote Business is a type of Evernote Premium service, and Premium is the focus of this course. Although there are some interface differences between Evernote Premium and Evernote Business (not covered in this course), all the features taught in this course are applicable to Evernote Business members.


“How long will I have access to the course?”

Your initial course fee covers the first year of access to the learning modules and the forum. After that, you pay just €99 a year to get free updates and continued access to the program.


“How many hours will I need to invest every week?”

Radical Productivity with Evernote is completely self-paced.

Once you enroll, you’ll have instant access to all 7 Modules right away, so that you get digitally organized at a pace that works for you.

Each ​video is between 3 and 25 minutes long – so no single video is too much to watch in one sitting.

You can also re-watch any video any time you like, or rewind to make sure you really understand each topic before you move on.

Learn How to Do ANYTHING You Want with Evernote.

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